BTC MINING (The BaseLine)

            – BTC is the most secure crypto mining coin because BTC is the least likely to fail.

            – A $15,000 investment into BTC mining computers will generate a $813.24 monthly return at current prices


            – The biggest obstacle in BTC mining is having the appropriate infrastructure to support BTC miners. The initial costs of setting up infrastructure would make the investment less accessible and less profitable in the long run.




            – ETH mining was one of the main types of mining that the small scale mining community would use. The big risk of this is that ETH uses GPUs which are currently in very short supply. The other big risk of ETH mining is that ETH is shifting to ProofOfStake POS moves away from the traditional mining system and would make ETH miners obsolete and crash the GPU market.

            -There is no evidence that ETH mining will be needed after the transition to PoS.


XCH mining

            – The reason that XCH mining is advantageous is because there is relatively low risk of losing the initial investment due to demand changes. Regardless of cryptocurrency, data storage will still be a necessary need in the years to come. Bitcoin miners are constantly being developed on and it is not uncommon for old models to move out of fashion. Chia mining systems can be compartmentalized and deconstructed to be repurposed for maximum value.


            -Another big upside of XCH farming is that the potential profits if the coin grows would be massive. AT current prices XCH averages $600 per month $15k which is worse than the BTC return($1000). The BTC income is subject to other costs that XCH mining wouldn’t face.


            -If XCH (currently 150th) was to grow to the size of the 30th biggest coin with a market cap of (5 Billion) the price per coin would be over $6000 netting $10,000 per month

Price (XCH)

Monthly Income (15k Investment)

$261.27  (current price)


$500 (End Year Expectation)


$750 (3 Year average sale price goal)


$2000 (All time High)


$6000 (5 Bil Market Cap 30th Overall)


$500000 (BTC Market Cap)


            -If XCH grew to the size of BTC it would net a little over $1,000,000 per month


            – Another important aspect is that XCH can be converted to BTC almost instantly



  • BTC is great but takes a large capital expense at the front and the equipment can only be used for BTC mining.
  • ETH mining is going extinct because of PoStake and it uses GPUs which are over priced.
  • XCH has limited risk because equipment is essential to computer usage. Potential upside of Chia growing is worth the initial reduction of cashflow.